Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Target: Dream Build Play 2012

First post of 2012!

The news that there will be a Windows Phone category in the Dream Build Play competition this year has given me a solid target for Dreamland's completion. While no actual submission dates have been announced yet, I'm fairly confident in my assumption that we'll be looking at a June date for final entries.

Six months is plenty enough time to finish Dreamland and give it all the polish it deserves. Leon, Team Mango's resident graphics artist has been hard at work producing the last of the assets and storyline required to complete work and I'm following up with getting the last of the game mechanics coded.

To give me some extra motivation - and taking a cue from some of the Ludum Dare participants - I've started live streaming of my development sessions. Using a rather neat app called XSplit, I can screencast and show the game running on my Lumia 800 via webcam all on the same stream. I can stream to the Team Mango UStream channel and record to disk at the same time. The recordings allow me to make neat timelapse videos like this one:

My plan is to record and stream most of my Dreamland development sessions between now and DBP and make a huge timelapse video at the end of it all.

I'll be livestreaming at weekends and on weekday evenings (GMT), though not to any fixed schedule. I'll always announce on Twitter before I begin. It's development, so I can't promise too much excitement but I will sometimes have the microphone on and commentate my work.

Here's to a productive new year!