Friday, 10 June 2011

Crunching for Dream Build Play: 4 days to go

Progress! Had a few very productive evenings of work on the Dream Build Play build of Dreamland. First of all, three things that were crossed off of my to-do list:

Directional spell casting. A half-second delay with a direction indicator makes hitting the desired target much easier.

Town portal. Teleports between dungeons and the town square.

Quest progress text. Displays when a quest phase is completed, with a hint  for the next phase.

Levelling text. Merlin has a new "Figment" (spell) every few levels. Also, new quests may be unlocked.

And something that wasn't on my to-do, but needed doing anyway:

Game Over! Will have more options in the finished game, but this will do for now.
Text is made up of animated particles (a similar effect is used on the title screen).

Very pleased with how things are going, but things take a less fun turn tonight as I start work on a short tutorial, which involves having the Merlin character walk onto the screen and strike up a conversation.

Will update again tomorrow!

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