Sunday, 12 June 2011

Crunching for Dream Build Play: 3 days to go

More great progress as I begin what will hopefully be the last day of work on the Dreamland codebase for Dream Build Play. So what's been added to the game since Friday's update?

Merlin intro - he greets the player at the start of the game and gives a few hints and tips

New Figement (spell) screen. Gives info on new figments, powers and major quest items.

More NPC conversations. Added placeholder text for some characters that don't have quests in the DBP preview build

5 completable quests for DBP.
Today is all about sounds and music. I'll be adding as many placeholder sound effects as I can in the time remaining, and choosing a couple of music tracks that will appear in the final game. That leaves tomorrow evening for final polish and recording a DBP trailer video. Then Tuesday evening for final submission.

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