Monday, 28 February 2011

Asteroid Armageddon released

Just a quick one to say that Asteroid Armageddon is now available on a Windows Phone 7 near you! It's available worldwide as a trial/paid version for $1 (79p), and in the US as an ad-supported free version.

The free version will come to other markets as soon as Microsoft expand the pubCenter program into other territories. Here's a couple of one-line reviews by Marketplace users:

"Awesome game, graphics, and difficulty." - Josh51191

"Very cool and beautifully polished game. I'm going to buy it!" - Megatron63

"WP7 Games are being developed with much more skill, this being a great example." - victorj589

"Actually very good! With leaderboards and challenging gameplay." - GrungiestGorgon

Right now, the ads aren't showing up on the Free version, so if you're in the US you're getting a completely free game with no nagging! We're working on fixing that in the first update, which will also add a main menu option to view the local and top ten online scores.

And some Zune deep links for each version of the game:

Worldwide paid version:
Free version (US only):


gotcakes said...

Good work with the app matey :)

A question, did you ever get the adverts to work in the US version? I've hit a brick wall, testmode works fine, then disable it, and nothing. appid and adids are all correctly set, quiiiiite annoying.

Cheers, Jode

Gareth said...

See this thread (when they fix the forums!):

We got nothing for a good two weeks, then all of a sudden the ads started appearing. In the space of a week we've gone from a few impressions a day but no ads appearing, to 3000+ impressions/day and ads are showing up in all countries, even in the emulator during debugging.

Basically, as long as your appid and unitid are right, just give it some time. If you're seeing impressions in pubCenter, you're good.

gotcakes said...

Thanks Gareth, that's very encouraging. Also good to see ms fix the forums, yesterday was a very bad day to try to get adverts working :)

Cheers again.