Monday, 15 November 2010

Moving House and Team Mango projects for the next year

I'm almost done with the house move. That is to say - we're in, but still living out of boxes while we wait for a few bits and pieces to come together. It's not been the smoothest of moves, especially having our garage broken into no more than two days after spending our first night in the new place. Nothing too essential gone, but all of my guitar amps and effects were taken. I was planning to sell them next year to fund a new PC, so it looks like that may be on hold for the time being.

Anyway, troubles aside the new house is looking great and I now have a spare room studio setup for working on all the Team Mango projects that I've been planning for the better part of half a year while all the househunting and moving was taking place. Here's a dark picture of my workstation:

I need to do a bit of housekeeping in this post, starting with an update on 7Cache, my Phone 7 Geocaching app. I've decided to suspend the project for now, because Groundspeak released their official Geocaching app for the phone, and it seems to have everything most 'cachers would need including offline caching. It's quite well presented and seems to work well, though I have yet to get out and test it properly on a full day's caching. It certainly has more features than I planned for 7Cache, apart from the Cache Radar function. I rarely used that in Geocache Navigator anyway.

I may revisit this decision further down the line if there's a niche for features that Groundspeak won't add to their app, or if they make the API publicly available. For the time being, I have game projects to work on and that's where I'd rather spend my very limited personal time. Speaking of which...

That's Run!, the third game from Team Mango. It's been in the works since February, just before Dysnomia hit Xbox Live Indie Games. I've been working on it sporadically, but it's close to being ready now.

I'd describe it as "Skyroads with Avatars", and it offers 1-4 players local competetive play as well as online best times, using the same highscore sharing method employed by many XBLIGs. I'm looking forward to finally getting it out the door after a busy few months away from all things Indie Games.

The fourth Team Mango game remains under wraps, but I can say it's an action-RPG, and will be released for Phone 7, XBLIG and Windows sometime in 2011. It should also be pretty damn funny, but I guess that's subjective!


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