Friday, 22 October 2010

Windows Phone 7 Device Get

Just a quick post with some images of my Samsung Omnia 7, running my two current projects: 7cache, and the next Team Mango game. I'll post more on the phone and the projects once I've finished moving house ;)

Saturday, 2 October 2010

XNA Tile Engine Base Solution Updates

I've done a little more work on my XNA Tile Engine for WIndows Phone 7, and I've also branched it off into a solution for Windows and Xbox, which I've dubbed "HiDefTileBase".

The HiDef solution contains an additional example mode showcasing a platform game running on the engine. It's important to note that both the RPG and Platform examples are using the exact same classes for drawing the tilemap and controlling the camera - only the GameplayScreen and Player classes differ to reflect the actual game mechanics.

I've added an example of a day/night cycle into the RPG game in both the Phone 7 and HiDef solutions, and made some optimizations to the map drawing routine as it was getting rather slow when several layers were being drawn. All looks good now, although performance on Phone 7 hardware is still a mystery :)

The two new downloads are after some screenshots:

Please note that the solution is built on XNA 4.0 and will not compile using older versions of the XNA SDK.

Hi-Def (Xbox & Windows) solution: