Friday, 3 September 2010

7Cache - Planned Features

Work continues on 7Cache - my Windows Phone 7 Geocaching application. I've compiled a list of features that will make it into the first release:

  • Import of .GPX pocket queries via a companion desktop application.
  • Offline storage of around 2-3000 caches, including descriptions, hints and recent logs. You won't need a data signal to find caches you've pre-imported!
  • Bing Maps integration. View caches on a pan/zoomable world map, find caches near your location quickly.
  • Full details of each cache: descriptions, recent logs, hints, cache size/terrain/difficulty, distance and direction to cache.
  • Cache Radar - similar to the radar function in GCzII and Geocache Navigator, shows distance and direction to cache, along with your direction of travel. Will have an optional audio "click" as you get closer.
Some of the must-have features that will make it into the app in the future, as soon as it's possible to do so:
  • Download caches directly from with a "find caches near me" feature, fully integrated with the Cache Map.
  • Log your finds directly to
  • Integrate phone compass with cache radar so there's no doubt about which way to head.
  • Import .GPX files from Skydrive, Windows Live's online storage facility that will be used to share content with all your Windows devices.
I'll be posting some more screenshots this weekend. I'd like to hear suggestions from any prospective Windows Phone 7 Geocachers about features that you'd like from a mobile 'caching app. Leave a comment!

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