Thursday, 18 March 2010

Dysnomia Released!

Dysnomia is now available for download from the Xbox Live Indie Games channel. If you've got a Live account, you can click this link to hop straight over to and download it directly.

I'm going to write a longer "wow, it's done" post soon, but for now here's some of the buzz that Dysnomia's been getting:

"Nothing short of awesome! ...This is what I've been waiting for!"

"This game is pretty great, really professional and high quality."

"This game really sets the bar higher on what to expect from future indie game titles. I will be keeping a close eye on its success for sure."

"I can spot a game that XBLIG has been crying out for. Congratulations!"

"I think this is the best xbox indie game out there in terms of sheer game content, and arguably the best overall from what I've seen."

"I wasn't expecting it to be this good."

"Wow, gotta say Dysnomia knows how to impress. Who knew that a Metroidvania game could work as a twin-stick shooter."

Here's all the obligatory links you'll need to find out more about the game: - Official game site - Team Mango site - Team Mango facebook page. Become a fan, already! - Team Mango Twitter feed

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