Monday, 16 November 2009

Dysnomia: First Playtest

It's been six months in the making, almost to the day. Tonight, we release the first playtest of Dysnomia to the XNA Creator's Club community. Although only containing the first three levels of the full nine levels the final game will have, the playtest is extremely polished. I've wrapped up most of the engine code, all there is to do now is to get down to designing the final levels. I'm going to go ahead and call it for a February release now. That's not too bad - only three months overdue!

I just spent a week's holiday polishing off some of the important Xbox integration features of the game. Handling things like gamer profile sign ins/outs, save locations and a trial mode are all essential things to have in an Indie Games release - yet so many games fail to implement all of them correctly.

I then moved on to creating a fantastic boss fight that I hope will be the first of four or five battles against epicly-sized denizens. Here's a screenshot:

He's an ugly mofo, that's for sure!

I'm planning on at least another two playtests depending on the responses I get from fellow Creator's Club members. If all goes to plan, the second playtest will include one more level and the third one will have most of the content in place. I'm guessing playtest two will be out over Christmas.

So close to completion, yet still more hard graft to get there.

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