Friday, 1 May 2009

A Very Musical Post

At last, I can close off one of the projects on my Wacky Idea-o-meter! Origin: Unknown?, the first album from my band Puritan Slain has been released for FREE download. Overall, we're very happy with the final results. It's a culmination of the last three years of songwriting all wrapped up in one huge album that clocks in at 65 minutes.

If you had to push me for a favourite track from the album, I'd have to say it's the title track: Origin Unknown. There are many awesome songs on there though. Feel free to snap it up!

As well as the Origin: Unknown? release, I've just got back from a great weekend of music making arranged by one of my mainland-based friends, Dan. Five musicians each with their own taste in music got together on a farm in Dorset and spent three days writing, rehearsing and room-recording four songs. You can hear cleaned-up versions on SoundCloud and, and can also see YouTube videos here.

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