Thursday, 7 May 2009

Team Mango - Games for Xbox Live Community Games

Team Mango was the name of my teenage bedroom games programming team. We created a number of small Amiga games back in the late nineties. Nowadays, I am the sole remaining member of Team Mango (thus not really a Team anymore, I guess!). I have decided to release GravSheep, my first Xbox Live Community Games game, under the Team Mango monicker. I will most likely release any future games under the same name.

I've just launched the new Team Mango website in preparation for the launch of GravSheep, and I'm already designing Team Mango's second game and brushing up on my XNA skills to make development of Game 2 as smooth as possible.

If you're a budding 2D artist and fancy working with me in your spare time on future Xbox Live Community Games releases, please drop me a line at the same address.

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