Tuesday, 19 May 2009

GravSheep Released!

Team Mango's first release for Xbox Live Community Games, GravSheep, is now live and available to download and purchase in Community Games regions!

I'm exceedingly happy that the game is finally done and out there. Not only that, but things are definitely progressing at a hectic pace on Game 2 with some very promising concepts coming in from possible artists. The future is bright, the future is Mango!

You can find more information about GravSheep at the Team Mango website, and you can recommend the game at XBLCG.info by signing in with your Windows Live profile.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Team Mango Game 2

Without giving too much away, I thought I'd post regular updates on progress of Team Mango's second game, which is currently untitled. This weekend I was chatting with a couple of artists interested in the project, and I began working on the very basic parts of the game engine (state management and tilemap drawing) and began extending the GravSheep editor to support the extra features Game 2 will have.

All of the tile graphics are extremely temporary (assuming I *do* find an artist) and just for use in getting the editor and engine up and running. I love this early part of development - the bit between a blank screen and the final 20%.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Retrobution Finished!

...for now at least!

Finally put the finishing touches to Retrobution last weekend. Overall, I'm very happy that I now have a working arcade cabinet to play all those old classics on. I'm not 100% happy with the finished product. The wood paintwork could be better. The bezel didn't exactly paint too well on the perspex. There's still some bugs to iron out on the software side. And so on.

At some point in the future, I'll make a custom control panel with a built-in trackball and some admin buttons. Until then, I'm going to very much enjoy playing many classics this summer.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Team Mango - Games for Xbox Live Community Games

Team Mango was the name of my teenage bedroom games programming team. We created a number of small Amiga games back in the late nineties. Nowadays, I am the sole remaining member of Team Mango (thus not really a Team anymore, I guess!). I have decided to release GravSheep, my first Xbox Live Community Games game, under the Team Mango monicker. I will most likely release any future games under the same name.

I've just launched the new Team Mango website in preparation for the launch of GravSheep, and I'm already designing Team Mango's second game and brushing up on my XNA skills to make development of Game 2 as smooth as possible.

If you're a budding 2D artist and fancy working with me in your spare time on future Xbox Live Community Games releases, please drop me a line at the same address.

Friday, 1 May 2009

A Very Musical Post

At last, I can close off one of the projects on my Wacky Idea-o-meter! Origin: Unknown?, the first album from my band Puritan Slain has been released for FREE download. Overall, we're very happy with the final results. It's a culmination of the last three years of songwriting all wrapped up in one huge album that clocks in at 65 minutes.

If you had to push me for a favourite track from the album, I'd have to say it's the title track: Origin Unknown. There are many awesome songs on there though. Feel free to snap it up!

As well as the Origin: Unknown? release, I've just got back from a great weekend of music making arranged by one of my mainland-based friends, Dan. Five musicians each with their own taste in music got together on a farm in Dorset and spent three days writing, rehearsing and room-recording four songs. You can hear cleaned-up versions on SoundCloud and Last.fm, and can also see YouTube videos here.