Monday, 2 March 2009


Can't believe it's March already. What's worse is that it's March and we're still a way off completing "Origin: Unknown?". Gav has seriously injured his back and has been ordered not to play bass. He was four songs away from finishing. This weekend, James stepped up and finished the bass recording because it's all dragging on just a little bit too long. Unfortunately, James managed to bag himself a cold so he couldn't finish off the song and a bit's worth of vocals that are left to do. It's so close yet still at least two weeks away if you count the time it'll take for mastering.

And so I've been forced to find myself another passtime, which brings me on to this entry's title. Yes, I can spell "retribution" - the title is a play on words. You see, I've somehow found myself getting back into emulation of old arcade and console games. Retro gaming, if you will. It was about 5 years ago that I first found out about MAME and the various ways of getting an arcade cabinet up and running with various emulators running games from many different systems. Back then I planned on building a full-sized upright cabinet but the idea soon fell by the wayside as I moved out and life took over. Now I have some spare time, I'm going to attempt to revisit the idea of cabinet building, albeit on a smaller scale. The project's name is Retrobution.

The plan is to build a "bartop" cabinet - essentially half an upright. See WeeCade for an example. My design is a little different from the WeeCade, with a larger screen tilted at much less of an angle. I'm not planning to build a custom control panel as I already have an X-Arcade dual stick controller and I intend to build the cabinet around that. I've already got the PC, the screen, controls, speakers, emulators all set up and running. Basically, everything bar the actual woodwork! My dad has offered to help with that part of things, so the next step is to build a full-size cardboard model to use as a template.

Here's a couple of pictures of the guts of the system:

That's a Shuttle SN41G butchered up and powered by an Antec PSU. The machine isn't all that great spec-wise, but it'll do for emulation. In the next update, I'll write a little about the frontend and post pictures of the screen.

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Qu_be said...

What did that poor shuttle ever do to you!!1