Friday, 13 March 2009

Blog Overhaul

I did a little maintenance of this blog, just to keep things together. Over on the right there is my Wacky-Ideas-O-Meter. Because I have a habit of starting a project, blogging about it for a while then promptly abandoning it never to write about it again, I now have a space to keep track of the projects that have been started, and the progress I've made on them. Click the project name to see all relevant blog posts related to it.

I also dug up a backup of my old blog that was hosted on the Island Gamers server. I've added all of 2007's posts, and the two from 2006 when it all started. I did consider bringing over all the content from my ages-old Gamespot blog (started early 2006), but none of it is really worthwhile as it's all about old games.

Having read through some of 2007's posts, I've come to realise two things. One, My life has changed a hell of a lot in (less than) two years. Two, I used to be waaaaay into gaming. I mean - I still am (I spent three hours last night playing Peggle on XBLA) but I no longer follow the industry with such fervour. I guess I just don't really have the time any more.

This weekend will see the wrapping up of Origin: Unknown?. A few final tweaks to the mixes and we should be getting them off to mastering as of Monday, I hope. It's been a long road and I can't wait to get the album out there.

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