Thursday, 22 January 2009

New Year, New Hobby

As if I needed any less spare time, I discovered the sport of Geocaching over the holidays, and have already been out and about hunting down some of the hundred or so caches hidden on the Island. It helped that I already had all the neccessary nerd gear (my N95), and with the help of Trimble's free Geocache Navigator software, I was quickly up and running and finding caches quite easily.

Of course, caching by myself wouldn't be much fun so I dragged Jenna, Jamie and Christine into it with me and we've already been out for a nice Sunday's worth of caching. We decided to adopt the moniker "Team Panda Elite" for our Geocaching activities, and have already put in place the obligatory blog and domain name and designed a logo which we're getting printed onto badges and keyrings to place in caches we find. Well, if you're going to do something...

Things continue to tick over in other areas of my life of course. Puritan Slain are recording a full-length album at the moment, and progress is good. It's already sounding miles better than our first EP, and we've included all six songs from that plus eight more newer tracks for a total of fourteen.

The album will be entitled Origin: Unknown? and will have a running time of over an hour. It's basically a dump of all the tracks we have finished over the last three years as an attempt to draw a line under it. Recording will be complete by the end of next month, and we're hoping to get it mastered and packaged professionally if the results are good enough.

Not feeling any spurts of the development kind coming on, so GravSheep might just have to wait a while longer to get a release. I've identified the work that remains, it's just getting down to finishing that last 15% - level design, a few bits of art, trial mode, and some outstanding bugs. Given that it was more than a year of no development between the initial prototype and working on the polished game, I'm not holding my breath just yet!

We're up to level 70 in WoW again now. Enjoyed the ride so far, but progression is starting to feel a little less "casual" and more "hardcore". I'm happy just running an instance a week and being done with it, so that's probably the right plan.

'Til next time!