Monday, 22 December 2008


Long time no blog!

A user on some forums I frequent asked for a really simple tool for note-taking. He didn't like being prompted to save notes when closing Notepad (for instance), and didn't want to use something as bloated as Onenote or plain text editors that are overkill.

I was bored today and I thought I could use a tool like that too, so I knocked something out for fun.

It doesn't do anything more than the poster asked for:

- Plain text
- Allows many tabs to be created
- No prompts for saving
- Saves every 30 seconds and on exit
- Sits in/minimizes to the systray
- Remembers its size/position/minimized state when the user exits
- Has keyboard shortcuts for everything
--- CTRL + ALT + N: restores and sets focus to the app
--- ESC: sends it back to the systray
--- CTRL + N: create a new tab
--- CTRL + TAB: cycle through tabs (CTRL + SHIFT + TAB goes the other way)
--- F2: rename a tab
--- CTRL + SHIFT + DEL: delete current tab (permanently!)

It saves all data to the current user's AppData folder (under Vista at least) as an XML file.

It requires .NET framework 3.5

I've only tested it on my Vista dev machine, so if you download and test it, let me know how it goes. I'm hoping there's no magical hidden pre-reqs other than .NET


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