Monday, 28 April 2008

Look, I've been "busy" okay?!

I used quotation marks because as I think of it, I really can't remember what I've been doing in the month and a bit since my last entry. Which would probably explain the lack of entries. Nothing exciting happening in life equals nothing exciting to write about on blog. I'm sure there's a few things though, so I'll attempt to waste precious internet space talking about it...

Oh yeah, who remembers the X-Files? Upon reading about the new film in post-production, and having vague recollections about the first film and not much of a memory about the actual TV show at all, I thought I'd begin watching from the beginning. As I expected - there's not much to remember. Whilst the story-arc episodes hold my intrigue very well, there aren't enough of them. Maybe a third of the episodes in a given series have any kind of arc continuity. That probably doesn't bother many people, but the only real reason I watch entire seasons of TV shows is for some kind of character development and bubbling storyline. The typical monster/bad guy/situation-of-the-week episodes of television shows really don't do it for me. Hence my utter addiction to Lost and my love for Farscape or Babylon 5 over Star Trek, for instance. Just a little something that re-watching X-Files has made me think about. I also enjoyed laughing at how nineties the show is. Oh yes.

Things with the band appear to be bubbling along nicely. We now have a strong ten-song set in full rehearsal ready for a string of summer shows. We're still working out how to get off the Isle of Wight to play some gigs, but as long as we're offered shows here we'll be playing them. We're currently working on recording the band live at practice and we're getting closer to a decent recorded mix week-by-week. The outcome will hopefully be a decent Live demo to compliment last year's EP, and a free CD to give out at the shows. We now have a Facebook page to help promote us, and I really do love the tools that Facebook provide bands with. I don't forsee it overtaking Myspace as far as band promotion goes anytime soon (a huge shame), but it's already light years ahead in terms of presentation and functionality.

The little gaming time I've been getting in between work and band and attempting to get fit(!) has been dedicated to that wonderous timesink World of Warcraft. When I began playing again in January after being asked by some friends, I didn't expect to still be playing four months later. Agima (the second), Undead shadow-priest is now level 37 and rising rapidly. I'm pretty impressed, given that we only play maybe a couple of evenings a week on average.

This week however, what with the release of GTA IV, my WoW time will be severely gimped in favour of a little time playing Rockstar's latest baby on the 360. From what little I've seen, it looks good, very good.

After finishing reading Fallen Dragon by my favourite author Peter F. Hamilton, I'm doing a quick re-read of The Dreaming Void before The Temporal Void gets released hopefully sometime before the end of this year. Both utterly fantastic books, and I'd even recommend The Dreaming Void to those of you that don't generally read sci-fi.

Time to get back to being "busy", I guess. Check back in another month!