Monday, 3 March 2008

Band videos and other bits

Haven't had much of a reason to post about anything of late, so I thought I'd force myself to find something interesting to write about today.

Saturday I uploaded some newish videos of Puritan Slain in action. Taken at our last gig at Christmas, I really just wanted something to freshen up my Youtube profile. Thankfully, we're started to get gig offers trickling in and by Summer we should have played another couple of shows. It sucks having new material and not being able to show it off.

Also at the weekend, I made the leap to Vista on my home machine. I still don't know if it was a good idea. I've been pretty anti-Vista for a while, and whilst I'm fairly comfortable with using it now, it still seems to run very slowly in some places. It's my own fault for trying to install it on a three-year-old PC though I guess. I'll stick with it for now anyway.

A couple of interesting things are happening this month: Firstly, I'm off over to Portsmouth on Saturday to have a friendly jam with my good buddy Dan and the drummer from his band. I'm dragging Mister Carl with me to provide some basslines. It's going to be interesting, as we'll have a range of musical abilities between the four of us. At the end of the day though, it's just going to be an all-day pissup with a couple of murdered cover versions thrown in. I'll be getting together with Carl beforehand to get him musically motivated before the day!

And then the following weekend, I'm off up to Wembley to attend Live. I have no idea how this event is going to pan out as it really hasn't been advertised as widely as it should have been. Still, the publisher support seems to be in place, so I'm hoping to catch a couple of upcoming games at least.

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