Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The Pointless Plan

People have been asking what I intend to implement in Pointless Quest. I spent a while thinking about it last night, and now I think I've got a pretty clear plan for the next few bits and pieces.

1) Firstly, I need to optimise the client packets a little more. There's a lot of HTML being sent down each update, and I know I can reduce the size a hell of a lot more. This will make the client more responsive, especially on slower connections.

2) Death. OK, so I realise that permadeath is a little harsh. I've decided to do away with it and instead implement a time-out punishment for death. I'm thinking that one minute per level should do it. When a player dies, he'll be shown the usual death screen, but with a timer counting down to resurrection. Each area will be assigned a "graveyard", where players will respawn after death. I'll also have to re-do the high score tables, as "Past Lives" will no longer be relevant.

3) PvP. Once the graveyard system is in, PvP will be next. Players level 5 and above will be able to participate in PvP. There will be strong rules in place. You'll only be able to attack players up to one level above or below you. You won't be able to initiate combat with a player until they are "ready" (ie. not in combat with a mob, have full health etc.). This will mean all PvP will be on a one-on-one basis. When a player dies from PvP, they'll immediately respawn at the nearest graveyard with full health.

4) Armour, weapons and other items. Mobs will drop gold. There will be shopkeeper NPCs that sell items. Each character will be able to have one piece of armour in each of five body positions: chest, head, legs, feet, hands. Each character will also have a weapon slot. The mechanics of this will be pretty simple. More expensive clothes = higher armour value. Total armour value will be your saving roll against damage in combat. Weapons will be pretty much the same. More expensive = more damage. Weapon damage value will be rolled and added to damage done each attack.

NPCs will also sell health potions, of which a character may carry a maximum of ten. They'll also sell a "potion upgrade" which will increase the amount each potion will heal. This will be a permanant upgrade and will apply to potions currently held and all future potion purchases. Further Potion Upgrades will be exponentially expensive.

5) Content for levels 12-20+. Further stat balancing. Ongoing bug fixes. All stuff that will happen during the implementation of items 1-4.

There's no timeframe for any of this stuff, but I'd like to see it happen sooner rather than later, so I'll work as hard as possible ;)

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