Saturday, 2 February 2008

More Webservice Adventure

It really works! I've had four people at a time logged into my engine, and it seemed to hold up okay. It's slow for everyone, but at the moment I'm putting that down to a) the Access database and b) the ages-old server I'm testing on.

Today I spent a lot of time making some new tiles for the game and adding in some more world space. That's time consuming work without an editor - staring at the map textfiles for too long drives me insane.

Also added proper logging in and out, character creation, one minute idle time auto-logout, avatar uploading and fixed a bunch of bugs.

The next step is to rip out the data functions from the webservice and turn them into a proper data layer. This will allow me to write a SQL client version of the data layer so the game will run on SQL Server or Access depending on what hosting is available.

Once that's done, I'm considering tidying up the code and letting people at it. It would be interesting to see what could come out of the basic engine, if anything. I've got some ideas for adding roaming NPCs, but have yet to imagine how I'd handle combat in the game. Here's a few more screens showing off the new tiles!

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