Monday, 11 February 2008

London was Burning, Dark Tranquillity Played On...

Camden Town, Saturday night. We were supping a few light beers in the Monarch, right near Camden Barfly - the chosen venue for the last night of Dark Tranquillity's "British Fiction" tour. Just two blocks away, a huge fire erupted in Camden market. I've never seen a fire that size and it was very easy just to stand there and gawp at it even when you know that people are out of homes and businesses.

It was just plain biz
arre that the one night that I willingly choose to enter London, something like this happened. Bizarre and cool, at the same time.

But anyway, I was there for the gig. Thankfully it wasn't cancelled, and the fire of course provided frontman Mikael Stanne with some material: "We won't be doing any encores tonight, we're just gonna play until you get bored... or the place burns down". I guess the set clocked in at about an hour and a half in the end, with plenty of material pulled from their vast back-catalogue. Hugely enjoyable, and as always the band looked happy to be there, playing to the small crowd packed into the tiny Barfly like sardines.

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Eddie Lake said...

The fire was crazy! I was glad DT did not cancel though as they put on a great show as usual.

Eddie Lake