Monday, 21 January 2008

Just a Few Bits and Bobs

I've just spent a delightful weekend doing absolutely nothing at all! It was good in a way to just kick back and watch some films, some TV shows and so on. I even managed to tick over some achievements and I'm now sitting pretty on a 7015 gamerscore.

One of the films I watched was a really great Korean flick from last year called The Host (trailer). I've probably not mentioned before that I have no love for the way half the internet seems to be obsessed with whatever comes out of the east. A lot of the time it's just plain creepy. But that's something else entirely. The Host is not what I expected at all, and could easily have been a big-budget Hollywood film. It's a monster film done right, essentially. Check it out.

I picked up the guitar this weekend as well, and ran through the band's setlist a few times. We're currently
working on an awesome new song entitled Origin Unknown, which we're also considering as a title for our first full-length which will be out... well, when we have some money and more time I guess. Let's say next year.

The 60-odd achievement points I gained this weekend came courtesy of Live Arcade games Pinball FX and Omega Five. I've always been a fan of pinball, and Pinball FX is a great little game that now has a total of five gorgeous-looking tables (one of which is free DLC, and the other is a 200-point DLC package). I guess that getting the achievements feels like luck more than skill, but I'm going to spend a bit more time with the game in the future and work out some of the tables.

Burnout Paradise is released this week. I spent some more time with the demo on Friday night, and found that once I actually gave it a chance and explored a bit, I started to have a lot more fun. In fact, I'm pretty sure the free-roaming nature of the game isn't going to bother me as much as I expected it to. I mean, Criterion could have just released the usual bi-yearly update to the series and be done with it, but they've taken a risk to do something different and I like that. Pre-ordered in the hope that Gameplay will deliver a day early as usual!

J was spamming IRC this weekend as he attempted to salvage data from the server. Suffice to say, the hard drives are knackered (full of CRC errors), and the IG SQL database files are among the casualties. I'm going to stick my neck out and warn anyone that still cares about IG and is still reading my blog (all two of you) that is unlikely to return in the form you're used to. There have been a lot of discussions regarding what could be done, but no real conclusion has been reached and few people are likely to spend the time it would take to get a site up and running again.

And then of course, there's the server. It needs a complete hardware replacement. IG isn't the only site that was hosted on the server and I personally have a lot of vested interest in getting myself a new hosted solution, be it linked to IG or not. 1U colo is definitely cheap enough, but that means purchasing a 1U server at a cost of about £500 for a nice enough Core2 with a couple of gigs of RAM. Unfortunately, the parties interested in getting a new server have approximately £0 to rub together (myself included), so it appears that we're going nowhere at the moment. C'est la vie.

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