Thursday, 10 January 2008

Best of 2007 - #6

6 - Puzzle Quest (XBLA)

I'm not usually one for playing puzzle games; for me a game needs to have some kind of a storyline or be a little more fast-paced to hold my attention. So it came as a bit of a shock to find that I rated the Bejewelled-alike Puzzle Quest among my favourite games of 2007 after spending an unhealthy portion of time playing it.

Of course, Puzzle Quest isn't just a Puzzle game - there's also Questing to be done! The RPG side of the game is simple but engaging, and drives the game along nicely. For those that don't know, PQ is a connect three/four/five style puzzler, with four colours of gem that correspond to four types of mana. Each spell the player can cast uses one or more type of mana. You're playing against an opponent that also has spells to use against you. You play until either you or the computer opponent run out of hitpoints. Simple really.

Then there's the overworld map where the crude-but-functional storyline takes place, complete with random encounters, city capturing, citadel-building and all manner of lightweight RPG elements. The Live Arcade version of the game is well-presented, and entirely worth the 1200 point entry price. A game worthy of closing off the first half of my 2007 top ten.

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