Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Best of 2007 - #10

2007 really was the year of the 360 for me personally. I've decided to list my top ten games of last year and write a little bit about what made them special. Eight of the ten were 360 games (or were played on the 360 in the case of multiplatform releases). Let me know what you think of my selection!

10 - Overlord (Xbox 360)

This little gem of a game was released during the late spring / early summer gaming drought and kept me amused for quite some time.

Gameplay was kind of a cross between Pikmin and Diablo, with your avatar (the Overlord) taking charge of a band of minions who are only to happy to carry out your evil bidding.

Unfortunately, the few original ideas in the game weren't enough to hold my interest until the end of the single player campaign, although I definitely plan to get back to it at some point in the future. A lot of the quests felt a bit samey by halfway through the game, and I found myself getting frustrated with commanding several different types of minion at once.

Overlord scrapes in at number 10 with some original ideas, great presentation, good voice acting and some decent British humour. However, I'm not sure the game would have made this list had it been released much later in the year!

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