Monday, 3 September 2007


RIP My first 360, November '06 premium.

I was hoping that I wouldn't fall victim to the Red Ring of Death that has plagued the Xbox 360 since launch. The unit first crashed and RRoDed last week, but thankfully it continued working after I called support and they told me to try unplugging the hard drive and booting it up again. I then plugged the HD back in and carried on playing and it was fine. Microsoft support still gave me the option of returning the unit, but as I hadn't yet finished Bioshock I thought I'd risk it.

So this weekend I bunged in Bioshock to carry on where I left off. Unfortunately, five minutes in the damn thing crashed again and red ringed. This time it was fatal, and no amount of unplugging the HD, turning off at the mains etc helped. So when I get home this evening I'll be calling support to send back my box. *Sniff*.

Luckily, this month should be keeping me relatively busy. Band practices begin again this week and we're working on a couple of new songs that have been kicking around for a while. We're getting closer to recording the EP, with almost enough cash in the pot to purchase the mics we so desperately need. We're booking a week in October to use our regular practice hall to do the recording.

Until then, I've got to work on my best man's speech for Jamie and Christine's wedding. This weekend it all started to form in my head after weeks of procrastination, and I've got a pretty strong picture of what I'm going to say and in what order. It all started to go down on paper and now I've just got a few blanks left to fill in and then to practice the speech until I know it by heart. I'm not the greatest public speaker, but once I get warmed up I can deliver the goods without too much embarassment. I just hope I can inject the right amount of
funny without being utterly lame.

The day after the wedding, I'm off to
Training Camp for a one-week intensive course at the end of which I'll be a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) in Web Applications. It's basically the .NET 2.0 foundation course that can lead to a Professional Developer qualification. It's going to be tough. Seven days of lectures and classroom-based learning that focus entirely on the exam you take at the end of the week. Sunday to Sunday. If I pass, it'll be amazing. Failure is not an option. I'm just having nightmares about my lack of focus when it comes to academia and hoping that I'll be too busy learning to actually worry about the fact that I've not taken an exam in eight years.

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