Thursday, 23 August 2007

Mister Bubbles!

If deliver on time as usual then I should be playing Bioshock tonight. Can't wait for that - the Live demo blew me away, as it did for thousands of gamers around the globe. So far I've managed to stay spoiler-free, despite following the Bioshock thread on Somethingawful.

As well as Bioshock, which really requires no further discussion (buy it now!), yesterday saw the release of
Space Giraffe on XBLA. As a fan of Jeff Minter's work, I shall be laying down my 400 points after quickly running through the demo this morning. Yes, it's another shooter on XBLA, but it's a Llamasoft shooter. Every self-respecting Brit should purchase this trippy masterpiece and support Jeff in his future endeavours.

Last night's gig elicits some mixed feelings from me. The crowd was awesome (thanks guys!), and Polonium and Penny's were wicked to gig with as per. However, a slight mix-up over the gig (England match last night meant we couldn't get going until 10pm) and several technical hitches from our side (my guitar having a loose connection and James' guitar losing tuning) tarnished what should have been a brilliant night. Couple that with me messing up on a couple of tunes (the covers actually, I know our shit inside-out) and I'm left feeling somewhat deflated. Still, we got an awesome response from everyone there who must have been oblivious to the screw-ups, and that leaves me somewhat satisifed.

Today needs to go faster, dammit. Looking forward to my first weekend of gaming in an absolute age!

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