Thursday, 5 April 2007

Back In Action!

There's a reason that I usually write lengthy blog posts in notepad then copy and paste them into the blog when I update, and the one time I don't do it is the time that the page decides to time out when I click "post". And of course, my huge 500-word post wasn't cached when I clicked back either. So now I have to start again. Except I don't have time to write it all again as it was, so I'll just bullet point the gist of the lost post and maybe expand on it later :)

  • Back in action after the Island Gamers webserver died a death. It's now in a brand spanking new case and we're back online!
  • Lots has happened over the last three weeks!
  • My band nearly split up over silly testosterone-laden male arguments. We're still on shaky ground, and a lot will change, but I'm optimistic that there is still a Puritan Slain.
  • I got my guitar out last night and started working on a song that I've had formulating in my head for a couple of weeks. I haven't written a song this year, so it's all good.
  • I've been listening to Dark Tranquillity's "Fiction" non-stop, because it is an awesome album.
  • I'm back in with my parents and it's strange. It's kind of cool, but not being able to throw parties or have band meetings is going to suck. I imagine I will go stir crazy in a few months. Otherwise I'm free to come and go as I please, spending time with the olds and my Sis is cool, and my room is set up for maximum productivity!
  • I bought a Samsung SM940mg to improve that productivity, and I'm thoroughly happy with it. I can plug in my PC, Xbox 360, Wii and Freeview into the one 19" monitor and switch between them at a touch of a button. It even has a remote control!
  • I'm going to write a monthly gaming update soon, and it'll be crossposted to my Gamespot profile. I've been doing a lot of gaming!
Needless to say, the original post was more detailed and I'm annoyed as hell that I lost it. Hopefully, I won't lose the gaming post when I write it!

Please leave a quick comment if you read this post, or indeed any of my blog. I'm interested to know if I have any/many readers out there :D