Wednesday, 28 February 2007

If you came looking for XNA...

...I still intend to finish my current project, Gravsheep, and then go on to write my next title which will be some form of 2D platformer. Life has caught up with me for the now, but as soon as the move is over I'll have some more free time which I fully intend to use on XNA development. For now, I'm letting my Subscriber's Club subscription lapse, as I think $99 a year is pushing it right now, especially with the severe lack of content that was promised to the subscribers. Personally, I think running code on the 360 should be free (or at least a much lower rate), and only the promised premium content should be paid for/more pricey.

New Beginnings

I always intended for this blog to be a personal blog, as well as a place for me to write about gaming, my band and other projects that I dip in and out of. Up until now though, there's not been much to write about my life in general.

Two - nearly three - weeks ago, the company I was working for went bust. Losing your job, the only thing you've known for five years of your life, isn't pretty. First came the numbness. That didn't last very long because the "oh shit" factor soon kicked in. Rent, bills and debts to pay and no money coming in. No redundancy pay, no pay for the two weeks I worked since the last payday.

That's when I began to realise just how much there was to do. Over most things in life I can procrastinate as well as any other internet blog writer. It's when that comfortable rut of worrilessness becomes threatened by a complete change in circumstance that I suddenly decide to spring into action. For many people, losing their job would be an excuse to chill out and take life easy for a bit. After all, it's not their fault. For me, however, being unemployed became my new full-time job.

Straight after I left work for the last time, I went to the bank to sort out the financial side of things. Then to the job centre to sign on. Then it was time to get home and call in all the insurance and savings I could lay my hands on. After that I had to wrangle a two-year-old CV into shape and scour the internet for all the Island-based IT companies I could think of. There were seven in total, and before 5pm on the day I was made redundant, they all had a swanky CV and covering letter on the way to them.

One week and three job offers later, I found myself working again. I couldn't be happier with my new position as developer at It's going to be challenging, but I feel that I've learnt more in one week here than I did in the last two years at my previous position. For now, at least, my career is back on track.

I wish I could say the same about my home life. My flat is currently strewn with boxes and junk as I now only have two weeks left before I move back to the parents. I'm not quite bringing home enough to keep the flat on AND continue paying for the car, and the car is infinitely more important right now. In some twisted way, I'm quite looking forward to spending at least a year back with the olds until I get back on my feet. There's a lot I'll miss about living on my own, but ultimately a decision had to be made and I feel it's the right one. I just have
so much to do, and so little time in which to do it all.

In other news,
my band is playing our first gig in just over a week. I'm nervous and excited and I simply can't wait. We're undergoing a gruelling three-times-a-week practice schedule in the run up to the night, and things are coming together quite well. Here's some excerpts: