Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Christmas Gaming

Wowsers, I spent a LOT of time playing games over the last three weeks. Haven't played so many games so solidly for a long time - the 360 really has turned me back into a gamer.

But before I go into detail about that, let's talk about the Wii. I still have my pre-order, and I still have no idea when I'll actually get the console. After playing on one for the first time over christmas, I'm not really all that excited either.

Wii Sports is great fun. The movements you perform with the remote are translated to screen with an unexpected high level of accuracy. Bowling, tennis and baseball were a lot of fun and really show off what the Wii is going to be capable of in the future.

I didn't want to see Zelda (spoilers), so the only other game I got to play was Rayman. Some of the game ideas were okay, some were laugh-out-loud funny, but the majority were just "meh".
Playing it, I was reminded of the Olympic joystick-waggler games of old.

And overall, the Wii feels old. I'm worried about the controller, it wasn't easy to use and it was very finicky at times, with cursors going AWOL and jerky motion problems. And I still have a problem with the overall level of the graphics in all of the games. After being used to the 360
connected to my VGA projector with a VGA cable and running in 1024x768, seeing the Wii running over a shockingly bad composite cable complete with the saturation problems and general fuzziness that one expects from such a setup I couldn't help but be disappointed. Low poly models and low-res textures simply serve to make matters worse.

Come on Nintendo, let's see those
real Wii games released. Mario and Metroid already look great in screenshots. They needed to be out now, not in six months' time.

In other news, I
completed Dead Rising, Rainbow Six: Vegas and Oblivion on the 360 this week. At least as far as single-player storylines go. I'm still working on the achievements for Oblivion with just the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves guild storylines to go. I'm a little concerned about how many of the achievements for Vegas and Gears centre around the Online portions. I really don't have much time to dedicate to playing hundreds of matches of shooters online, especially when it's hard to find a quick match most of the time.

I guess I'll just have to buy more 360 games. Oh the sweet, sweet points.

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